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You like ethereum? You wish you could use it, BUT TRANSACTIONS ARE 100 FUCKING DOLLARS?!?

You need cheapETH. It's 100% compatible with eth, except 1000x cheaper!!*

If you have ETH, you already have cheapETH!

Join the discord for free cheapETH.

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Network Name: cheapETH
Chain ID: 777
Currency Symbol: cTH

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Raffle + faucet


RigWars Idle game
Flip me off - Coinflip game
Cheap Crasher
Maybe Doubler (5cTH max bet, 50% win)

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Centex CTH-ETH Exchange - Swap BCH to CTH

Think about it. A transaction that costs $77 on ETH, is only $0.08 on cheapETH. Made possible by cheapgas.
The cheap eth gang solves the gas crisis.
* Imagine a 100% compatible car with your car that's 1000x cheaper. Or even a cup of coffee. You'll be living like a king in no time.

How to get cheapETH

If you had ETH in block 11818959, you have cheapETH! A 1 to 1 ratio of course.
You'll also be able to buy cheapETH in the crowd sale, 1 ETH for 1000 cheapETH.

You can also mine cheapETH, just like normal eth. Except it's easier, because it's cheap.

CheapETH market cap

If ethereum has a market cap of $186 billion, cheapETH has a market cap of $186 million.

Why cheapETH?

So aside from the fact that ETH is too expensive for normal people to use, cheapETH can serve many purposes.

Testnets suffer from this problem of valueless currency. You don't want valueless, since DDOS is free. Cheap is better than free.
Testnets also lack a rich ecosystem of contracts. cheapETH also has cheapSNX, cheapDAI, and even cheapBAT. All is cheap on cheapETH.

You test in prod on cheapETH.
You can be a little guy on cheapETH. This is not a whalechain, unlike other eths

Wait, how much is a cheapDAI worth?

That's a great question. I see an argument for a tenth of a cent, and I also see an argument for $1.00. The market can decide!

How to join the cheapETH movement

Join the discord
See the code (we hired geohot to write it)
geth node setup instructions here
cheapETH twitter

The Team

From some of the team that brought you bitcoin OCHO
A Goku1997 project.